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Flying Scot Racing ORIGIANAL Mast Raising System since 1999!
The MasterHelper is an innovative mast rising system for the Flying Scot that makes it possible for anyone to step a Flying Scot mast.  Click on the images below for more details.  For more information send email to fs2929@verizon.net .

NOW $150

To help our valued customer Flying Scot Racing is paying $10 of the new $20 surcharges imposed by the shipping industry on oversized packages.  We unfortunately, need to add $10 to the $18 shipping cost for a total of $28 for the MasterHelper.  
We hope it is temporary.  

 MasterHelper $150.00


Storage Bag - Protection for your MasterHelper and Tiller.  $71.50

Replacement Nylon Loops.  $7.00 each. (Two required)

Replacement Side-to-Side Bridle $30.00

Up Haul - 5:1 Block and tackle with cleat for raising and lowering the mast in place of using the trailer winch.  Ideal for stepping the mast in the water at the dock or mooring. Includes line, blocks, cleat, and shackles. Please Call

Over 300 Happy Customers.

Thanks for making the Master Helper for my wife to give to me last month. I got it out today and it worked great!

David Stockwell, FS5097

I raised and lowered the mast alone today without a hitch, thanks to your great invention! I've stepped and unstepped Lighning masts (30 years) and Scot masts (15 years) without significant problems, but in the past few years have been increasingly uncomfortable about finding someone to help steady the mast. I worry about tripping on a line or having to deal with an unexpected gust of wind. Now I won't worry no more! Many thanks; your instructions are flawless. Today I put on the trailer strap and raised the trailer tongue onto a step-ladder, so with lowering the mast dropped back without any coaxing.

Many thanks,
Jeff Penfield, Longboat Key, Fl

Hey, Dan

So, Im just a simple right-brained creative guy, and managing a tiller, a main and a jib without hurting myself is a real accomplishment. So I was completely amazed at how well the MasterHelper does its job. Its beautifully conceived, nicely built and easy to use. I was initially intimidated by the instructions, but they, too, are very straightforward and well done. What a great product! It takes a stressful, potentially risky task and makes it as simple and pleasurable as sailing a Scot.

Thanks and warm regards,

I purchased the MasterHelper from FS and want to tell you it is a godsend. It took a stressful worry to an effortless occurrence.

Thank you,
H. Picco, FS5257

I bought a MasterHelper this spring, and we love it!  The kids can raise & lower the mast, and mother no longer worries about this old man being injured in the process.  It is one of the best purchases we have made for the boat.

Thank you so much.
Geof Woodberry, Bayport, MN

I have had a FS (3779) for 17 years and always looked for my biggest and strongest neighbors to help with the mast stepping. My 5'2" wife began hiding after the first year. The MasterHelper was intimidating out of the box but the photos on your web sight made the whole process crystal clear. The mast went right up and the only glitch was I had to move the base of the mast 1 inch over to sit properly on the deck footing. Once I got the proper placement of the lines which will now be simple the mast was stepped in minutes. Thank you for your clever invention and kudos for supplying the photos on the web. Maybe adding the photos to the kit package would be a good idea for those that don't have a handy computer near by. 

Thanks again and Happy sailing. 
Bruce Berger, Harvey Cedars, New Jersey


Click on any image to enlarge
Connecting the side-to-side bridle to the gunnel.  MasterHelper_1.jpg (248197 bytes)

The Side to side bridle supports the mast when the side stays become loose.  

Connecting the A0frame to the forestay and trailer winch. MasterHelper_3.jpg (240366 bytes)

With the mast up the A-frame lays down on the deck.  It attaches to the forestay and the hook on the trailer winch.  

MasterHelper with mast in down position 1          MasterHelper with mast in down position. MasterHelper_6.jpg (266655 bytes)

The trailer winch provides a mechanical advantage of about 10:1, so raising and lower the mast is effortless.  Prior to raising or lowering the mast look for over head wires, and make sure the lines and shrouds are clear from the trailer and transom of the boat.  

Flying Scot Mast Raising System

This revolutionary yet simple design provides the assistance often desired when arriving to a great sailing area with help nowhere to be found, or after a long weekend of sailing and just the though of having to lower the mast makes you wish you had your own personal 62", 210lb. servant.  The MasterHelper is simple enough for anyone to use. The MasterHelper was developed to make the act of raising and lowering the Flying Scot mast as effortless as the Flying Scot is to sail. The MasterHelper installs in minutes with no permanently installed hardware. No drilling is required.

The Kit comes with everything you need to step the Flying Scot Mast. The "A" Frame is constructed out of the finest wood available.  The "A" Frame has several lines attached to it.  These lines connect to the boat to help position it properly on the deck.  All hardware is stainless steel for longer life.  The only thing that gets installed are two nylon loops.  There is no drilling to install the nylon loops.  You simple remove up to six screws from the gunnel molding, place the nylon loop between the gunnel molding and boat and re-install the screws.  The loops remain installed and ready for the next time you use the MasterHelper.  A side to side bridle is used to keep the mast from falling to the side.  The side to side bridle is clipped to the nylon loops and is passed through the spinnaker ring on the mast. The Main Halyard is used to tension the side to side bridle.    Everything attaches with hooks or shackles.  The key to the MasterHelper is that it uses the trailer winch to do all the work.  The trailer winch provides enough mechanical advantage that just about anybody using the MasterHelper can step the Flying Scot Mast.  

Order your MasterHelper by mailing your check or money order to:

Flying Scot Racing
9 Knob Creek Ct
Easley, SC 29642
Make  check or money order payable to Flying Scot Racing.

Flying Scot Mast Raising System


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