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Always Ready Boarding Ladder


The Ladder attaches to the bolt that holds on the rudder blade.  It hangs from the short line tied to the cotter pin that holds in the tiller.  The Ladder is easily deployed from in that water or in the boat.  It is Always Ready when you need to climb back into the you Flying Scot.

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Simple yet Extremely Helpful


The Always Ready Boarding Ladder. Complete and ready to install in minutes.  


ladder_deployed.jpg (369956 bytes)



Deployed along side the rudder.  It hangs low enough for you to easily get your foot onto the step. 


ladder_stowed.jpg (217056 bytes)


Stowed along side the rudder head.  Hangs freely and will not get caught on mainsheet.  Light weight, and functional.  I have been raceing with one for over 20 year.


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