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The Flying Scot Sailboat is built to your specifications!




Over forty years of sailing and marine construction experience produced the Flying Scot®, a Sailing Hall of Fame design. Its perfect for family trips, single-handed fun, and an excellent racer. And its a good investment. See our Buyer's Checklist and Flying Scot® Specifications below. 

We encourage you to call us with any questions at 732-319-7735. Designed by the internationally famous racer Gordon K. "Sandy" Douglass, each Flying Scot® is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials and methods. The first Scot ever built still wins races!

The Flying Scot® is Fast

Flying ScotThe late Gordon Douglass is an internationally known racing champion, so he designed the Scot for speed. The Scot is a low-displacement design (she sits shallow in water) and she has a flat, tapered shape in the stern which allows her to plane. This means she will come out of the water and is not limited to her waterline hull-speed. With over 200 square feet of sail area, she has the "engine" to move well in any wind speed. Get her on a beam-reach with 15 knots of wind, and experience the thrill of a planing hull!

 Flying ScotThe Flying Scot® is Stable and Safe

The Scot is not a flopsy acrobatic design; the photo at left illustrates the Scot's stability. Her slightly tunneled hull design, hard bilges and weighted centerboard provide a strong righting moment. And with over 600 lbs of reserve buoyancy, the Flying Scot® is unsinkable. The wide side deck and seat allow the Scot to take a knock- down with little or no water in the boat, and one person can easily right her in the water.

Flying Scot Racing North American Championship

Flying Scot Specifications

Length overall


Length, Waterline

18' 6"


6' 9"

Draft, Board up


Draft, Board Down


Mast height, above water

28' 2"

Sail Area, Main & Jib

191 sq. ft.

Sail area, spinnaker

200 sq. ft.

Weight fully rigged

850 lbs.

Gross trailer weight

1200 lbs.




By all



Flying Scot Charlie Fouler, Silver Piper Regatta 2002,  South River of the Chesapeake Bay
Charlie Fowler, Silver Piper Regatta 2002, South River of the Chesapeake Bay

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Flying Scot Features


Package Price

Please Call

Please Call


Boom vang

5:1 self cleating

12:1 cascading cleated aft

Centerboard cleatflat clam on side of trunk360 swivel
Cunninghamnone6:1 led aft to console cleat
Extension plate for forestaynoneincluded to set rake for racing
Hike out stickwooduniversal aluminum
Jib sheetratchet and cleat on side deckcleated on seat
Main sheet3:1 mid-boom rig2:1 mid-boom rig
Mast head flynoneDavis Telo-vane
Outhaul2:1 external6:1 wire internal
Pole down haulnonethrough deck
Pole topping liftcleat on mast (no line)2:1 led aft to console
SailsMain & jib only - soft clothMain, jib & spinnaker - race cloth
Spinnaker guy hooksat base of shroudon deck with cleat
Spinnaker halyardcleats on stanchion (no line)led aft to take-up reel
Spinnaker polenoneHeavy duty with Forespar ends
Spinnaker pole ringsonetwo
Spinnaker sheetfairlead on aft deck (no line)led internal to seat lip
TrailerGalvanized TrailerGalvanized Trailer


Standing Rigging: Custom anodized spars, stainless steel shrouds and forestay, chainplates built integral with the hull.
Running Rigging: a 3:1 Harken mainsheet system with a swivelbase and cleat, a Harken jib sheeting system with adjustable jib cars and cammatic cleats, a 2:1 Harken adjustable outhaul, a 5:1 Harken boom vang, haylyard winch, stainless steel main and jib halyards with Wichard shackles, a 16:1 centerboard hoist system, and the standard permanently installed spinnaker hardware on the mast.
Convenience items: a mast hinge, 3 storage bins under the beck, a boom support crutch, a safety line attached to transom mooring rings, a single 6" port on the port transom, a spare parts kit, a bailing scoop, a tiller tender, a paddle holder, and bow line.
Full line of Options and Accessories: Click here for a list.

Prices do not include delivery charges.  Delivery quoted on request.
All Prices are subject to change without notice.

Flying Scot RACING is an Authorized Flying Scot Sailboat Dealer.


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